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  • Neder
    OK, companies that write heatlh insurance don't write general liability or homeowners. Most companies won't hire you on as an underwriter unless you have a bachelor's degree. And when you hire on, it's personal lines or commercial lines , not homeowners. They're all pretty much the same either P C, or Life. But it's hard to get in. You should bug the marketing reps you know, to see if they have any underwriting positions open. It's all going to be about networking but if you don't have that degree, it's not likely to happen.
  • Jaime
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  • Zeyna
    You have to have your insurance and dotocr change your address in their records. I got my own insurance and live on my own. The insurance has my new address but the dotocr didnt. So I had to make sure both were changed.
  • Motive
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  • Karla
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  • Tazeen
    First off, I have been a claims atudsjer for 20+ years. Using a credit report to help determine rates is pure BS. As another poster stated many people with good credit suck at driving. Their the ones who are wealthy and too busy to pay attention while driving. I have investigated 1000 s of accidents and there is absolutely no correlation between bad credit and bad driving. I agree there is a correlation between good credit and the insurance company getting paid on time. That is their main concern. Using the credit report crap to charge higher rates is just a bonus to the company.And folks let's be clear about the myth that insurance is required in all states. It is NOT!! It certainly should be but it is not.People who are not in the insurance game (like nan6872) assume that insurance is required in all states because that is a logical conclusion, except when dealing with insurance and vehicle laws there is not much logic applied. There are many states that do not require mandatory insurance but instead require financial responsibility . For example I handle a lot of claims in Wisconsin. There are tons of insured drivers there drinking their great beer and driving home. Insurance is not mandatory there, however if you have an at-fault accident while uninsured the Dept of Transportation will revoke your license and registration if you do not sign a contract to repair the damages you are responsible for.
  • Dhees
    Bad credit is not as itmorpant as driving record but after your age it is probably the largest factor in determining your rates. The insurance company looks at factors that indicate how big a risk you are. How likely are they to have to pay a claim? To begin with poor credit indicates irresponsibility. Irresponsible people are more likely to have accidents. Also, it's not the credit score itself but rather credit score as an indicator of income level. They use credit score because they can't ask you to file a financial statement or at least it would be too much trouble to read it. Credit score is simple. Poor people file more claims than richer ones because they can't afford to repair some things on their own, poor people are more likely to exaggerate damage and injuries trying to make a few extra bucks, and in extreme cases are more likely to commit outright fraud, staging accidents and destroying their cars.
  • Ken
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  • Maodo
    They look at both the credit rtinag and the driving record as well as many other things. Each company has it's own system as to how much each factor counts. I would guess that a driving record is of greater importance than a credit score
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  • SuRi
    You may not have a car to insure but you have your heatlh to insure.They both keep irresponsible people needing medical services from getting their medical services and not paying for it, forcing the rest of the population to pay unpaid medical providers through higher bills or support an increase in Medicaid costs. Would you like being a parasite? Sounds like you would.Do you get it now?References :
  • Aya
    Your driving rerocd (including accidents, tickets and filed claims) is public knowledge and is kept on a database through your state. Most states use the same database so that your driving rerocd is basically public knowledge. While Insurance company Y doesn't get information directly from Insurance company X, all they have to do is look up on the database to find all of your tickets, claims and accidents. Basically, you shouldn't lie on your application because you won't get away with it.
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